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The Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research (VHIR) is conducting different studies in order to improve current treatments for Pediatric Sarcomas and need our support to continue with this investigation and help all affected children. 

We want to ensure that your donation has the greatest impact, so we´ve chosen to focus our funding efforts in this specific study carried out by Dr. Josep Roma´s team: Developing preventive treatments to reduce the probability of metastasis in Pediatric Sarcomas

Approximately 1.000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year in Spain. Childhood cancer has a tremendous impact on the families affected and is an important concern for public health, medical care and society. It is the first cause of disease-related death in childhood. So, let’s help fund research!

Remember, the research of today, the medicine of tomorrow


Development of preventive treatments to reduce the metastasis in Childhood Sarcomas

VHIR laboratories

This project focuses to understand the metastasis process in order to inhibit it by blocking one of the key elements of the metastasis (a protein called Integrin-alpha9), which the inhibition can reduce the rates of tumour cells in the target tissue, for example the lung or liver.

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Childhood Cancer

Did you know…
  • It requires different therapies from the adults and cannot be prevented, as it happens in some adults cancers.
  • Many promising clinical studies remain just like this, in studies. Due to the lack if investments makes their continuation unfeasible.
  • Treatments responds completely different.